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WeekStartPriceAvailability WeekStartPriceAvailability
101.01.17£595Let 2702.07.17£895Let
208.01.17£595Available 2809.07.17£895Let
315.01.17£595Available 2916.07.17£895Let
422.01.17£595Available 3023.07.17£1300Let
529.01.17£595Available 3130.07.17£1300Let
605.02.17£595Available 3206.08.17£1300Let
712.02.17£625Let 3313.08.17£1300Let
819.02.17£400Let 3420.08.17£1300Let
926.02.17£595Available 3527.08.17£1300Let
1005.03.17£595Let 3603.09.17£895Available
1112.03.17£595Let 3710.09.17£750Let
1219.03.17£595Available 3817.09.17£750Let
1326.03.17£625Available 3924.09.17£747Let
1402.04.17£795Available 4001.10.17£456Let
1509.04.17£795Let 4108.10.17£385Let
1616.04.17£595Let 4215.10.17£595Let
1723.04.17£595Let 4322.10.17£595Let
1830.04.17£625Let 4429.10.17£595Let
1907.05.17£383Let 4505.11.17£595Let
2014.05.17£650Available 4612.11.17£595Let
2121.05.17£430Let 4719.11.17£595Available
2228.05.17£895Let 4826.11.17£595Available
2304.06.17£750Let 4903.12.17£325Let
2411.06.17£750Let 5010.12.17£595Available
2518.06.17£750Let 5117.12.17£595Available
2625.06.17£750Let 5224.12.17£850Let

If we are booked for the period you would like, please visit our neighbours at

During busy periods changeover day is Sunday; however, this can be negotiated during low season.

Weekend or Midweek Rental
Weekend or midweek rental is possible during low season; however, we do ask that you stay for a minimum of 3 nights. The cost is pro rata plus a £60 service charge.

From 4pm, but may be earlier at quieter times of the year

No later than 10am

The rental price includes electricity, gas and water.

Bed linen is included in the cost.

We supply hand, bath and tea towels. We do not provide beach towels

Well behaved dogs accepted with prior agreement at an additional charge of £25 per visit

This is a non-smoking house, but you are welcome to smoke outside.