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WeekStartPriceAvailability WeekStartPriceAvailability
103.01.16£1000Available 2703.07.16£1000Available
210.01.16£1000Available 2810.07.16£1000Available
317.01.16£1000Available 2917.07.16£1000Available
424.01.16£1000Let 3024.07.16£1000Available
531.01.16£1000Available 3131.07.16£1000Available
607.02.16£1000Available 3207.08.16£1000Available
714.02.16£1000Available 3314.08.16£1000Available
821.02.16£1000Available 3421.08.16£1000Available
928.02.16£1000Available 3528.08.16£1000Available
1006.03.16£1000Available 3604.09.16£1000Available
1113.03.16£1000Available 3711.09.16£1000Available
1220.03.16£1000Available 3818.09.16£1000Available
1327.03.16£1000Available 3925.09.16£1000Available
1403.04.16£1000Available 4002.10.16£1000Available
1510.04.16£1000Available 4109.10.16£1000Available
1617.04.16£1000Available 4216.10.16£1000Available
1724.04.16£1000Available 4323.10.16£1000Available
1801.05.16£1000Available 4430.10.16£1000Available
1908.05.16£1000Available 4506.11.16£1000Available
2015.05.16£1000Available 4613.11.16£1000Available
2122.05.16£1000Available 4720.11.16£1000Available
2229.05.16£1000Available 4827.11.16£1000Available
2305.06.16£1000Available 4904.12.16£1000Available
2412.06.16£1000Available 5011.12.16£1000Available
2519.06.16£1000Available 5118.12.16£1000Let
2626.06.16£1000Available 5225.12.16£1000Let

If we are booked for the period you would like, please visit our neighbours at

During busy periods changeover day is Sunday; however, this can be negotiated during low season.

Weekend or Midweek Rental
Weekend or midweek rental is possible during low season; however, we do ask that you stay for a minimum of 3 nights. The cost is pro rata plus a £60 service charge.

From 4pm, but may be earlier at quieter times of the year

No later than 10am

The rental price includes electricity, gas and water.

Bed linen is included in the cost.

We supply hand, bath and tea towels. We do not provide beach towels

Well behaved dogs accepted with prior agreement at an additional charge of £25 per visit

This is a non-smoking house, but you are welcome to smoke outside.